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In order to join the three million others that vape in the UK, it's necessary to familiarise yourself with the various vape kits available.


With cigarettes it all seems a lot simpler. Fish a fag out of the box and the only care you must take is to light the non-tipped end.


Vaping is still relatively new having only been with us in its present form for about fifteen years. Before that, there were electronic cigarettes but they looked much like an ordinary one. Vapes, on the other hand, include a small reservoir of e juice.


As vaping is so new, the terms used for the various parts are not completely universal. There are various bits of hardware that brings the vape pipe together and these are universal such as the tank, coil and battery.


With something that is so close to your face, it's never a good idea to buy cheap batteries. There are occasional alarming reports of vape pipes bursting into flames and this is always down to the battery.


There are many places now where you can get vape kits London including vaping tanks London.


As vaping grows in popularity so do the number of vape stores. These in recent years have appeared in every town in the land. It's almost getting as easy to pop out for e juice as it used to be for cigarettes.




Vaping was designed to help smokers that wanted to kick the nicotine habit but failed. Chronic illness comes with tobacco that doesn't seem to be the case with vaping.


All smokers have been aware of the dangers and it is predicted from present trends, that in the next decade the habit may completely die out.    


This does not mean smoking will be replaced by vaping. This is strictly just for present smokers that want a similar source of nicotine with fewer risks. Young people that have never smoked should never be encouraged to start vaping.


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