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The British pub was an institution that went back hundreds of years mostly unchanged. A good one was always a great leveller where people of all classes and professions could meet and speak their minds.


But they are now closing doors by the hundreds every month. It all changed with drink and drive laws and the ban on cigarette smoking. Work pressure in cities also meant that office workers no longer have the lunchtime pint culture.


Someone recently told me that whereas he would in times past, walk past a rowdy pub on a Saturday lunchtime before a local football match and get that sweet smell of beer and tobacco, the current trend for wine and sneaking a vape out front doesn’t feel the same.


Instead of scary half cut yobs staggering out of the pub, it’s now gents with strawberry flavoured vapes.


Buying vape kits London or vaping tanks London is easy now, as there are so many stores opening their doors for these products.  


Three million people have taken to vaping in the UK and it’s difficult to calculate that globally, partly because countries have different regulations. Before someone in the UK that likes to vape goes abroad, they will need to check the country’s laws.



In the UK, vaping is controlled the same as tobacco products. At outdoor sports stadiums, vapers try to argue that although smoking is forbidden, vaping should be allowed. But the problem is that from a distance it’s hard to tell the difference between smoke and vapour.


There is some evidence that young people are vaping having never before smoked. This is a shame as vaping is just meant to be a means for smokers to get off the weed.


It was invented by a man on the other side of the world that had witnessed the death of his own heavy smoking father, through lung cancer.




In tobacco products, its not the nicotine that is the most harmful ingredient but the some of the many hundreds of other trace chemicals.