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Understanding Vaping: A Beginner's Guide

Have you recently, or are you considering, taking up vaping? If so, then you are likely to have many different questions that you would like answering. In this article, we hope to address some of your concerns.


We have created this article with beginners in mind.  By reading this article, you will learn to experience vaping in a much more productive and suitable manner.


Before you take up vaping


The first thing you need to understand is that the only reason you should really be taking up vaping is as a substitute for smoking. This is because we cannot be certain of the long-term effects of vaping. We can only say that it is safer than smoking. For this reason, it still carries a risk and it's not worth taking that risk unless you already smoke. 


Once you've decided that vaping is the correct option for you, you now need to think about which flavour juice you are going to vape. Because you have arrived from smoking, you need to make a decision about whether you want to create a clear break between the two habits or you want vaping to feel similar to smoking.


If you want the latter, then choosing a tobacco-flavoured juice is probably the right thing to do. You can buy tobacco or menthol flavoured juices from the best vape shop London and other good vape shops around the country.  If you want to create a complete break between the habits, then choose fruity flavoured e juices or something that's radically different to smoking.


Your first vape device


When you first start vaping, it can feel a little bit confusing because there seems to be so much to learn. For this reason, we would always recommend going for the simplest type of devices when you first start vaping. The best device for you would be something like a vape pen. These are very simple and straightforward to use.


Once you've been vaping for a while, you can move to the more complicated devices, such as the sub ohm devices. For now, the pens are fine.


Getting those puffs


When you're new to vaping, one of the most unusual things is the way that you draw the Vapour back into your mouth. It's not exactly the same as smoking and if you try to draw on your vape pen like a cigarette, it can feel odd.


For example, you can take much larger puffs on a vape pen than you can on a cigarette. When you first start vaping, this can feel very weird because you expect to cough a lot with such deep breaths, but it doesn't happen like that with vape.


A good way to learn how to vape properly is to visit your local vape shop, such as the vape shop Charing Cross Rd, and ask them for advice. They'll be able to teach you all manner of things, from vaping techniques to choosing the best flavour for your tastes.